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Discover the best businesses near you with user reviews, contact information, maps, and directions. From Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors and online stores. Business owners can also promote their services on Seek.

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If you are the owner of a company and would want SeekGhana to include your company, please click here. Make sure your company isn't already listed by conducting a search for it. Click the "Add your business to SeekGhana" button if the listing for your company has not yet been created. Fill out the fields with your company's contact information. Please be aware that in order to finalise your submission for your company, the email address that you supply will need to be verified. Hit Add Listing.

Yes.. Posting your ad on seekghana is completely free. The owner of a business can also choose to upgrade to a different subscription plan, which gives them access to additional features that enhance their ability to market their company and list more products.

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A business page is considered to be "claimed" once it has been verified as having been done so by the owner of the business or a representative of the business. The process of claiming a page is completely free, and it does not indicate that the company in question is an advertiser with SeekGhana. Why should business owners claim their business pages? When business owners claim their business pages on SeekGhana, they are given access to a set of complimentary tools that can be used to market their companies. With claimed business pages, they are able to: Send a private message or leave a comment in response to reviews. Respond to communications and requests for price quotes from prospective consumers. Keep an eye on user views and customer leads. SeekGhana brings in revenue for the company's various companies. Edit business information such as location, phone number, opening hours, website, and other essential business information. Upload and manage photographs. Provide more details on the website, such as a biography of the company's owner, expertise, and more. A claimed business page does not indicate that the business is an advertiser on Yelp; nonetheless, in order for a business to advertise with SeekGhana, the business must first claim its page. Does claiming a business page have any associated costs? The answer is no; there are no fees associated with claiming a business page on SeekGhana.

Please send us a report if you come across a review that you believe violates SeekGhana's Content Standards. Provide any information that would assist us in verifying the information in the review. SeekGhana is a community-driven website, thus the removal of images, reviews, or any other user content is not something we do lightly. In general, we let users maintain ownership over what they have written on the site. In addition to this, it is essential to bear in mind that SeekGhana does not take a stance on any factual disagreements. SeekGhana sends an email notification to the company owner or user who reported the content when our moderators have finished investigating a review. This process, which can take several days, is intended to inform the user or business owner of the outcomes of the investigation. We’ll normally additionally tell the reviewer if their content has been removed. If you received a notification that the reported review was not removed by SeekGhana moderators—but you have secured a final decision from a court of competent jurisdiction indicating why a review is defamatory—please contact our Support staff. While deciding which user reviews to promote to other users, SeekGhana makes use of an automated software system. Even if our moderators don't remove a review, the software may separately assess that it’s not reliable enough to recommend to SeekGhana’s users. Company owners can also connect into their SeekGhana for Business account to publicly comment to any inaccuracies in the review, or contact the reviewer through a direct message.