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AngelMax Teeth Whitening Spa

Gbawe, Ghana

At our office we have two types of whitening the teeth and you can choose from any *1.* The one which is a kit and you take home and do it yourself. You will start seeing results in a week The basic whitening strips is *58ghc* The advanced teeth whitening kits are *150ghc and 250ghc* depending on how white you want it. We also have another kit which is a combination of the 250ghc kit, an electric teeth washing and cleaning machine and an anti halitosis treatment for fresh breath which goes for *400ghc* *2.* The other type is the *instant teeth whitening* where you see results instantly. You will have to come to our office to have it done or request for our technicians to come do it for you in the comfort of your home. A session is *50 cedis* and you can do up to 14 sessions depending on how white you want it.

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