dsc_0351         Food and wine are natural partners. And when they’re compatible, they can each lift the other to a higher level of flavor. Gifts for an occasion can be in the form of Wine or Liquor. The problem is finding a perfect pairing. Our wine experts will not only help you find the best wines at a reasonable price but can also choose the best food-and-wine combination.

         We sell good wine and champagne from key wine producing countries throughout the world. Wondering about why you need to have a taste of our wines or stop by a wine shop?

  • We have true experts who have interests in wines and a sizable knowledge base already in place.
  • Also Our Wine and Champagne Cafe’s are great places for friends to meet, relax and unwind, hold corporate meetings or simply just to drink some fine wine and champagne! When you have a meeting, corporate event or celebration visit our wine shops here in Ghana for great hospitality!