The Business world, just like other disciplines, has its own language and associated attributes. People who operate in this domain may have good knowledge of such keywords. I, for instance, am not very acquainted with the business language. Nonetheless there are a few popular terms that I can boast of. But you can’t really call it boasting if the words you boast of are known by all and sundry, can you?

Profit and loss, partnership, shareholders, marketing and finance, conference, business trip, payroll, and opportunity cost are a few but the total of the business terms I know of. If you happen to know a less number of terms than I do, drop me a comment so I could personally send you a boastful reply. Otherwise, please share every vocabulary on business that you know of. Let’s try to cut out ambiguous and debatable terms.

Now let’s get to business! How does SeekGhana help the businessman-on-the-go? In reference to the question, I’d like for us to zero in on “Business Trip”. At least that is the most obvious among the set of vocabulary that puts the businessman on the go. Honestly, I haven’t ever been on a business trip or any business activity of the sort. What that means is everything I say about a business trip or a businessman-on-the-go is totally from simple logic or imaginations.
Let’s consider a business trip that spans over a week. With all official business dealings aside, there are other activities that a businessman may engage in or would like to have occur. Such activities may range from services, through recreation. Now we dive into the practicality of the seven-day life of a business trip. It is quite obvious how basic human needs such as accommodation or shelter, food, security, and the like are generally catered for by the agency in question. On the other hand, some needs may not be catered for or addressed in the business trip package. Such needs are usually personal. Thus, the business person in question would have to make his own provisions.

A very devoted Muslim, for instance, would like to locate a mosque nearby. Searching ‘mosque’ on the SeekGhana website and customizing the search to point to your locality displays a plethora of mosques nearby as result. Quick and helpful, huh?

Let’s assume the businessman in question had flown in from a different country, and needed to change his money to the local currency. Where does he locate the closest forex bureau or bank? Like before, searching ‘forex bureau’ or ‘bank’ on SeekGhana is the solution.

With the nature of our roads, it is just hard to drive about without getting your car spectacularly second-coated with dust. This even gets worse in the rainy season, when the dust gets swapped for mud. Our imaginary businessman would definitely need to locate a car washing bay to give the car a spick and span look that matches the personality. Searching “car washing bay” on SeekGhana is a one-step solution.

By the fourth day of stay in his new environment, the businessman should have made a few friends. Friends that he may grab a cup of coffee with. Since a café makes a perfect environment for grabbing a cup of coffee and even some bites, it would be up to our businessman to locate the nearest or ‘coolest’ café using SeekGhana.

Whiles on his return from his official duty, our businessman catches a flat tyre or some other mechanical complication. He looks to getting a mechanic or servicing shop. As usual, he only needs to fall on SeekGhana using his phone or other electronic devices of the sort.

Who doesn’t like their weekends? Well, I don’t. That is actually a very big lie. I do love my weekends. I guess our businessman should love his weekends as well. What does he do for recreation on this day? Catch a movie at the cinema? Visit the ‘toppest’ restaurant in town? Order for food delivery? Go to the gym? Go to the beach or poolside? Visit a spa? Catch some nightlife? Or even go shopping? I guess we all know the drill to getting this done, right? SeekGhana.

Holy! Holy! Holy! Supposed our businessman was a devoted Christian who wouldn’t miss church on a Sunday, all he would need to do is search the name of his church on SeekGhana to find where the closest branch of his denomination fellowship.

There are several other instances that SeekGhana helps the businessman on a trip. Please drop your comments suggesting other down to earth instances of a business trip.