If you are looking for a cultural adventure in Africa or a safe English-speaking country in West Africa, it is difficult to argue for a different destination than GHANA. While we do not have a central wonder like the Pyramids in Egypt, we do have many varied regions and cultures. This gives you the ability to have many different experiences and you can find all these qualities in the country:

1) Friendly People

Ghana is certainly the most welcoming country, and according to Forbes magazine, was ranked the 11th friendliest country on earth. There is no other country in Africa that is so welcoming and hospitable. Her people are truly the number one (1) attraction of Ghana.

2) Safety

Ghana is also one of the safest countries in Africa. While crime may be rampant in some other tourism destinations in Africa, it is an uncommon occurrence in Ghana, and visitors rarely have any problems regardless of where they travel. Guns are illegal in Ghana, so gun violence is almost nonexistent.
The sense of being Ghanaian first is strong in Ghana, which gives our country a sense of identity unique to many countries in Africa.

3) Tourism Infrastructure

Ghana is a country of great natural beauty, friendly people, chaotic markets, hectic transport hubs and a host of things to entertain and amuse you. Ghana has invested heavily in tourism infrastructure and has a plan for developing rural ecotourism projects. This is also a country of great diversity and each of its ten regions have something to offer the traveler, from the mystique and breathtaking scenery of the Northern Region where elephants can be found, to the frenetic activity of Ghana’s capital, Accra.

4) Natural Scenic Beauty

You will not believe what your eyes will see! Beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, highlands, virgin forests, sacred rock formations, and sahelian bush and desert.

5) Travel Where You Are Loved

 Love is very essential in the lives of humans. it is said that ”without love, we are nothing at times”. The people of Ghana always show love knowing that it is right in the sight of God and of man. Love may be understood as a function to keep human beings together against menaces.

6) Wildlife

Yes, you have the ability to visit wildlife in Ghana. There are no giraffes or zebras or leopards living anywhere in Ghana. Lions exist here, but you would never see one. However this lack of predators makes for a unique experience because you can safari on foot in Ghana!
Elephants and hippos are in Ghana, but require a long drive (2 days minimum) to access the different wildlife parks where these animals are located. These animals are best seen during the dry season, as abundant water allows the wildlife to disburse widely.
More accessible are the many birds and butterflies, as well as monkey sanctuaries, crocodile ponds, and parks with antelope and baboons. Marine turtles can be found nesting on some beaches (Oct-Dec) and whales sighted at the correct season.