Promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development
or well-being of our young ones , undoubtedly, happens to be the basic aspiration of every parent.
Parents seek to find every means possible to get their kids in ‘comfort zones’.
Comfort zones may range from the immediate to the external environment. Tuning all factors that may
affect our children’s comfort zone, such as food, friends, the neighbourhood, school, among others, in order
to suit or meet our desired taste of requirement as parents, may seem easy on the surface but getting
all such factors to harmonize becomes the real deal.


Providing for and supporting our young ones become even more challenging when work at the office
or the work place is very demanding, leaving the parent with only a little time to spend with their little ones
or insufficient attention paid to them. Giving up on our parenting responsibilties due to work is
not an option for the parent.
Irrespective of how tough and time-consuming one’s job description may be, putting family first definitely remains
as the natural order. It is therefore up to us parents to put our kids’ comfort zones into an auto-tune mode.

How do you put the comfort zone in auto-tune mode?

Getting every element that impacts any aspect of our children’s everyday life, in just about its right
proportion and bearing, especially in the absence of the parent, defines the concept of auto-tuning the comfort zone.
Regulating of such elements or factors may be tough. Nonetheless, it is achievable.
The kinds of school our kids attend determine the kind of friends they make, since it is at school that they spend the
greatest deal of their time, and tie up with other kids who may be of different backgrounds, level, age , among others.
Therefore, the friend-type(company) element can be auto-tuned by choosing the right school for our wards. As the choice
of school remains an effective action prior to the attainment of an auto-tuned environment, there still is the need to make
considerations to ensure their stay at home after school continues to be in the realm of the desired comfort zone.

At this juncture, the company our kids keep in our absence continues to be an issue of relevance. The appropriateness
of the language they hear, the physical appearance of the people they see, the kinds of food they buy or eat, the availability
of social amenities, security of the neighbourhood, and the like, stand as the untuned elements. An efficient step to solving
this is by picking the right place of abode. Residing in a viccinity of sound mind, good hygiene and sanitation, closeness to
and availability of social amenities and services, intensive security, to mention but a few, assures the parent of a
sustained auto-tune of their wards’ comfort zone or well-being.

When work is done with, and Jack has to play, he need to play hardly. When the week’s ended and parents get to spend time
with the family, then they need to grab that moment firmly. At this point in time, the parent takes over from the auto-tune
and manually instigates their kids comfort zones.
Visiting attraction centres, taking the kids to play grounds, going shopping, going to the restaurant, and last but not least
going to the beach, are examples of a family weekend plan.


How do you make all this possible?

Choosing the right place of residence, school for wards, shopping centres, and other joints demand s careful thought and
enough considerations. This may tend to be rather difficult for many parents.It is much easier if the parent looks up such places
on the internet. But finding the best, and closest joint is a key factor.
Find contact information, directions to, and locations of places and events you wish to locate or attend, on the web.
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